Giving Forward: Helping to Make a Wedding Wish Come True

Nearly a month ago, I (and several other industry pros) received an email from another planner in the Bay Area, Erica Ota (the same Erica that joined me on my first ever trip to the flower market), asking for assistance with a wedding she was putting together in just three short weeks. And while putting a wedding together in such a short period of time might seem like a crazy idea (generally, it is), the story she told made me want to help in any way I could.

You see, the bride-to-be, Jen, was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in December 2012. Though treatment has been aggressive, the cancer has persisted and doctors have prepared Jen and her family for the worst. So Jen made a wish; her wish was to have the wedding of her dreams, and marry her long-time boyfriend Jeff.

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Adorable Tops for Brides and their ‘Maids

If you haven’t met them already, please allow me to introduce you to Tumbleroot. They carry modern and stylish country apparel, art, prints, and some of my favorite accessories (I’m constantly wearing my wishbone necklace – it’s good luck, after all).

And you know what else they carry? (Hint: see post title)

Super cute tanks that are just perfect for bachelorette parties!
Nothing like seeing a troop of ladies coming at ya announcing that a good time is about to be had!
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A Trip to the Flower Market

For, I don’t know, three years or so, I have been meaning to visit the San Francisco Flower Market. One time, I actually did make it, only to realize that it was Sunday, and they’re not open on Sunday. It was such a bummer waiting around to take the train back home that day. With my camera around my neck. And a notebook.

Now I can finally check this one off of my “Planner’s Bucket List” (a slightly different list than just my regular Bucket List)! I was able to visit the market last week with another local planner, Erica Ota, and it truly did not disappoint. I was in floral heaven! Just look at these colors:

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Glitter Graduation and Birthday Party Recap

Last week, I wrote about a little short-notice planning I was doing for my niece’s graduation/18th birthday party. Now, I will admit that I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to do enough to make the party special (with other commitments, I had about a week to get my act together), but I think it turned out pretty well! The birthday grad was happy, people were having fun, and there was a taco crew on-site handing out tasty tacos con carnitas, pollo, y carne asada. I mean, really, do you need more than tacos?

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Getting Ready Robes

During my engagement, I fell in LOVE (yup, all caps) with the thought of my girls and me getting ready for the big day in beautiful, coordinated robes. I could clearly see in my mind how amazing our getting ready pictures would turn out, with us posing in our floral robes, champagne glasses in hand. And of course, we’d be sporting those beauties from Plum Pretty Sugar, because, well, have you seen them?
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I’ve Joined Thumbtack!

Starting my own wedding planning business has already taught me so much in such a short span of time. I mean, I didn’t go into this thinking that it would be super easy (you just start “selling” stuff, right?). But I don’t think I realized how many different resources are out there for small businesses, and I’m ever so grateful for them!

I just stumbled upon yet another fantastic resource, for businesses and consumers alike, called Thumbtack. For those not already in the know, Thumbtack is a super easy to use site that connects people looking to book a service, and service professionals in their area. Once you submit a request, available pros will receive a notification and send in their quotes for the job.

I’m still working on my profile, which you can find here, but I’m excited to connect with brides looking for a local planner through this site. I’m also pretty excited to use this site for myself! I need someone to paint my office :)